Users access

How to use your user account?

The characteristics of your user account are explained below:

Your user account is unique. In order to access the system, a password is required. We recommend you not to share your password with other people. You can access the system and close the session as many times as necessary.

Sessions will be automatically closed after 180 minutes of inactivity.
You will not be able to start a new session in more than one browser/computer at the same time.
You will not be able to continue a course once its deadline has finalized.
You can change your password whenever you need to.
Your user account is linked to your personal information (Name, surname, ID number and e-mail address).

What to do if you forget your password?:

If you forget your access password you can create a new one in the “forgotten your password?” section or ask the person who purchased the courses for it(in case you are not the buyer).
If you have problems recovering your password, you can contact the tech support and they will send the password to the purchaser.

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